OK Education Management System has been launched with the vision to help educational institutes manage administrative operations with ease and in optimized way. This multifunctional software will help management to execute different operations of the institution, from admission of new students to generating results, monitoring administrational activities and many more. This system will also help to update and keep record of students as well as teachers’ relevant information, attendance, payment model as well as to manage institutional expenses and income. In summary, OK EMS Software is the sole solution to run the Educational management efficiently.

OK EMS online payment system removes hassles of payment. Student and guardians can pay their tuition fee from anywhere using OK Wallet.

Advantages of this Solution:
Strategic Advantage:
OK EMS has been provided by automatic multi functional software for the strategic benefits of the educational institution. Moreover, this easily accessible software will assist to run all administrational operations smoother and faster.
  • Fully Automated Software.
  • No cost of Possession.
  • Fully web based Application.
  • 100% Data Security.
  • Easily Accessible Software from Everywhere.
  • Simple and Easy to use.

Advantages to Management:
OK EMS has been designed with the purposes to build up a productive communicational bridge among management, guardians and students. In addition, it will also focus on financial operations.
  • Better communication among teachers, parents, students.
  • Financial Operation Overview.
  • Income and Expense Summary Snapshot.

Advantages to Teachers:
This automatic functional software will contribute to minimize teacher’s additional works. Students’ attendance, mark sheet preparation related works will be automatically done by EMS software. Thus, teachers will have more time to focus on their prime works.
  • Automated Student Attendance.
  • Saves Teachers’ Time and Unnecessary Efforts.
  • Better Management of Marks and Grades.
  • Better Organization with Effective Educational Environment.

Advantages to Parents and Students:
Along with Institutional management and teachers, OK EMS software has also been developed to help guardians and students. It will help guardians to pay and check educational fees effortlessly from their OK Wallet.
  • Fees Payment through OK Wallet account anywhere anytime.
  • Payment History at Fingertips.
  • Error Free result circulation for students within a short period.

Key Features of EMS:
1. Class Management:
This multifunctional OK EMS Software will help system user to sort out class management in a more dynamic way. Class schedule/routine can also be generated automatically and student/teacher will find on their portal.

2. Student Information Management:
Student management is one of the core features of OK EMS. OK EMS makes it easier for the users to organize and search students’ information efficiently.

3. Teacher Management:
OK EMS Users can also systematize teachers’ information through this automatic functional software. System user can create teacher profile and assign teacher into different roles.

4. Student Attendance Management:
OK Software has been designed with the purpose to reduce authority and teachers’ workloads and also to save their time. System user can take students and parent will be notified accordingly.

5. Mark sheet/Result Management:
System users will be able to add student marks on their portal and system will generate result automatically. This feature will assist management and teacher to reduce a lot of hassles.

6. Fees Management:
OK EMS Software will help Users to accomplish administrative works in a hassle free and systematic way. Users can create individual student fee setup, bulk student fee setup, student fee collection, fee collection report, payment report, due payment report within the system. System will store all cash and online payment information and will generate payment report accordingly.

7. Expense Management:
Users can keep record of all expenses in the system. This will help system user to get overall financial status of the institute.

8. User Management:
All required information related to user will also be available in the OK EMS Software. Separate credentials will be used for each tuition fee management system user with separate access as per institutes’ authority decision.

9. Dashboard:
System User will be able to find total number of students, teachers, classes, lifetime income, expenses as well as current balance of the school and class schedule on the dashboard.