Tuition fee payment using EDUMAN platform has been launched for OK Wallet Users with the vision to build up digital payment platform affordable and effortless. Now OK customers can pay tuition fees from their OK account or from OK Wallet registered agent points anywhere in Bangladesh. This fast and secured payment service will assist OK Users to reduce dependency on tradition tuition fee payment system.

How to pay EDUMAN Tuition Fees from OK Wallet:

  • Login to OK Wallet App and Tap on Tuition Fee.
  • Select EDUMAN option.
  • Enter Student’s ID and Tap on PIN field. Due Amount will be automatically fetched. In case of payment from agent, beneficiary number is required.
  • Input OK Wallet PIN and tap on Pay to confirm transaction. Customer will receive system generated message of successful transaction.

  • Dial *269# from Mobile Menu and Type 3 on Payment option.
  • Type 3 on Bills Pay and Type 106 as Biller ID.
  • After that, Type 2 to Select Eduman and Enter Student ID.
  • Check your due Amount and Type 1 to Confirm. In case of payment from agent, beneficiary number is required.
  • Finally type your PIN and confirm the payment

N.B. No Service Charge is applicable by OK Wallet. Service charge may be imposed as per arrangement between institutes and solution provider.

To know more please contact Call Center 16269 (from any mobile phone) & 09666716269 (from BTCL/Land Phone) in Bangladesh.